Safety First! – Everything You Need to Know about Safety Glass

Thumbnail image of glass safety door with white border

Glass is glass right? Well, that’s not exactly true. After all, the glasses for your eyes and the glasses for your wine have a very different effect on your vision. It may be an obvious example, but it goes to show that different glass has different uses.

When it comes to the windows and doors around your home and business, the same rules apply. Obscured glass is great for your shower screen but you probably wouldn’t use it in your shopfront. Likewise, you won’t need toughened glass next time you have a shower unless you really don’t want people to hear you singing in there. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about safety glass and a few tips on the proper glass to choose for your windows.

Stay Safe with Great Glass

You wouldn’t ask a maths teacher to tutor you in essay writing and you shouldn’t get regular glass to do the job of safety glass either. Safety glass is made with extra layers and extra strength to withstand increased pressure and force. The right safety glass will stand up against theft, sun damage and even the stray cricket ball in ways that normal glass simply couldn’t. A reputable glazier will often offer these two common types of safety glass:

  • Laminated – With extra polyvinyl layers this glass has great security benefits and can also reduce fading from UV rays. Laminated glass also provides soundproofing.
  • Toughened Glass – With the strength of a windscreen behind it, toughened glass is heavy-duty stuff. At 4 times the strength of normal glass, expect serious security benefits.

Security glass is perfect for the parts of your home that might be more exposed to the sun or to outside perils, like cricket balls from the neighbours. Safety glass is also a great option for your shopfront to deter criminals and increase security. But how about all those other types of glass? What do we use them for? Well I’m glad you asked!

7 Glasses, 7 Quick Uses

  1. Sleek Splashback – Splashback glass can help perfect that shiny, modern look in your kitchen and it’s easy to clean too!
  2. Crystal Clear – Clear glass is great for most windows around your home letting the light (and the views) in.
  3. Go for a Tint – Tinted glass keeps the heat out in summer and reduces glare, consider this option for windows that receive full sun. Dark tints also look great on shopfronts.
  4. Fabulous Float – Why not try float glass around your home where it can survive clumsy people or pets who bump into it!
  5. Into Obscurity – Good for everything from bathrooms to operating theatres, obscured glass lets light in but keeps peering eyes out!
  6. From Scratch – Scratch-resistant windows are another strong option for shopfronts and high-risk areas of the home.
  7. Delightful Decoration – Decorative glass is timelessly stylish and made to display. The right design can add a lovely centrepiece to your home or place of business.

If you need safety glass installed around Melbourne, talk to the team at Advance Glass. If you have other glass repairs and replacements that you need doing, consult your glazier to discuss what option is right for you.