Residential Glass – from Sliding Doors to Safety Glass in Melbourne

If the broken glass in your home requires urgent replacement for safety reasons, please explore our emergency glass services. We offer 24-hour emergency glass replacement services to residential customers in the greater Melbourne area.

Residential Glass Repairs

Accidents happen at home all the time, whether it’s the children playing games or adults not paying enough attention, the result can be broken glass. If you need glass repair or replacement, Advance Glass are your expert glaziers in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Our glass installation service includes:

  • A thorough examination of the damaged area – ensuring safety for your family!
  • Glass installation for any fitting in your home – from windows to sliding doors.
  • Individually cut glass to fit any home’s windows and frames.
  • A FREE quote on all our residential glazing. Get in touch today!

Safety Glass for Your Home

Decorative glass samplesAs a homeowner, home security can be a pressing concern. Do you have the right protection in place for your house, your family and your possessions? Safety glass is a big part of securing your home and at Advance Glass we provide safety glass throughout Melbourne. Our expert glaziers and engineers can deliver safety glass that is tailored to the shape and style of your home. Our glass provides a more effective barrier against accidents, break-in attempts and has a range of other great advantages too. Our glaziers specialise in creating and delivering 2 types of safety glass to residential customers. These are:

  • Laminated glass – with an extra layer, this glass reduces UV rays and soundproofs your home
  • Toughened glass – 4 times stronger than most glass, this option is rapidly heated and then cooled to provide the same safety features as a car windshield

Residential Glass Options

Glass isn’t just used in windows. We have a range of glazing options that are great for the kitchen, bathroom and more. Get creative while renovating and sculpt a modern look with the following products:

  • Splashback glass – modern, shiny, and easy-to-clean, this product is great for kitchen renovations
  • Clear glass – classic design, complete transparency and the go-to option for emergency repairs
  • Tinted Glass – keep cool and reduce glare in summer
  • Float Glass – thin yet strong, this glass is made to withstand small impacts
  • Obscured glass – great for bathroom windows and anywhere privacy is required, obscured glass reduces visibility but still lets the light in

Explore our products page for more information or call us today for free quote on our residential glazing services. Living room with slide glass doors

Why Call Us?

  • 24 hour emergency glass replacement
  • Immediate Board up service within 45min of your call
  • Home, Shop & Office glass replacement
  • Aluminium shop front repair & replacement – 24 hours
  • Insurance work welcome | We liase with your insurance
  • We will cover the first $250 off your insurance excess*