Glass Cleaners – Natural vs Chemical

Thumbnail image of glass cleaning spray bottles and cloth kept on kitchen table

Have you ever heard that a bottle of cola is better than most commercial cleaning chemicals? Well the truth is, coke can be useful as a cleaning agent, but there are far more effective (and less sticky) solutions to your domestic hygiene concerns. That said, the cola myth gives rise to an interesting question – are there other alternatives out there that can do the job of chemical cleaners?

When it’s time to clean your glass should you run out to the shops for the chemical solution or can you create a natural cleaner from the products in your pantry? We take a look at what’s out there in this article.

Natural or Chemical – Things to Consider

Before we put some common cleaning solutions to the test, let’s weigh up the pros and cons of natural and chemical cleaning.

The benefits of chemical cleaners for your glass are pretty obvious. The products that you can pick up from your supermarket shelves are purpose-made and promise to aid you in achieving that allusive, streak-free finish. On the other hand your chemical cleaners are often packed with nasty ingredients that can irritate the skin and the eyes if you’re not careful – not to mention the harmful impact they have on our environment.

Natural cleaners are usually the result of matching everyday items with a bit of ingenuity. This tends to make them cheaper and less dangerous for you, your family and the environment, but are they more effective? Let’s find out!

Wash with White Vinegar

Vinegar will work like a charm if you’re trying to get toothpaste off your mirror, but it doesn’t stand up against the alternatives when it comes to heavy-duty glass cleaning. You can expect streaky surfaces if you’re cleaning with vinegar. At its best, Vinegar is a temporary solution for those times you can’t run to the shops – unless you mix it with other cleaning agents that is. Mind you, most people don’t enjoy the strong smell that lingers after a vinegar clean.

Lemon Fresh Windows

Many detergents on the supermarket shelves smell like lemons and there’s a good reason behind this. Most citrus fruits make more than just a great salad dressing, the citric acid they contain serves as a powerful potential cleaner as well. The natural properties of lemon helps it to dissolve, disinfect and bring a shine to many surfaces. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a litre of water and a quarter cup of white vinegar and you’ve got a natural cleaner on your hands! The natural benefits of lemon will help this solution cut through dirt and grime more effectively than vinegar alone. Try it out for yourself.

Water and Newspaper

Got any old newspapers lying around on the coffee table or in the garage? Who would have thought that this could be used for creating shiny, streak-free windows and mirrors? Well, my grandmother did. Spray a little water on your glass or mirror and wipe it down with your scrunched up newspapers for a streak-free finish.

Know of any other natural remedies to clean your windows, or do you think store bought is best? Let us know in the comments below!

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