Broken Glass and Insurance – What You Need to Know

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The problem with accidents is that they often lead to difficulties long after the event. There’s no use crying over spilt milk because you can clean it up and buy some more, but a dropped phone or a crashed car might mean inconvenience for weeks to come. You need to pay for repairs and also consider how you’re going to manage in the meantime.

One of the most shattering accidents would have to be a shattered window. Not only do you lose the great visual benefits in your home or business but a broken window also creates a range of security and safety problems. Luckily for you, broken glass, can be covered by insurance. With good insurance coverage and a committed glazier , you can get your glass replaced in no time, granting you peace of mind and allowing you get back to work. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about broken glass and insurance.

Choosing the Right Insurance Policy

To take the financial pain out of replacing broken glass, your first concern should be to sort out a good insurance policy. If you’re looking to protect your windows at home, your home insurance policy should be the way to go. Make sure you explore your home insurance policy to find out when your broken windows are and aren’t covered. Usually any unforeseeable occurrence, like storm damage or random human accidents, will be covered by your insurer.

If your shopfront glass is broken, a business insurer will be the place to go. Business insurance can cover repairs for both internal and external glass, so make sure that your policy suits the specific requirements of your enterprise.

Get the Best Team for Your Repairs

Securing your insurance policy is fine but when it comes to the actual repairs, you’re going to need a glazier on your side. Insurance companies can recommend a glazier for your job but they won’t always be the best option available, many deals are struck behind closed doors and you may not be privy to that information. Make sure you do your homework and find a glass repair professional near you who is licensed to take care of your insurance repairs.

The Advance Glass Difference

If glass windows have been broken at your home or place of business in Melbourne, consult the team at Advance Glass for any insurance repairs. Advance Glass are certified to work with any insurance provider and can make the glass repair process simple and hassle-free for you. With their rapid response promise, the glaziers at Advance Glass can be at your location within 45 minutes, providing you with an estimate and a range of replacement options. But that’s not all; here are some other benefits of working with Advance Glass:

  • Advance Glass provide quality windows for residential and commercial locations.
  • They will liaise directly with your insurer on your behalf to make the claim.
  • If you mention their website to your insurance provider, Advance Glass will cover the first $250 of your insurance excess!

Make glass insurance easier with great cover and a quality glazier. Contact Advance Glass in Melbourne for fast and efficient broken glass repairs.