• Protect Your Shopfront – How to Deter Vandals from Damaging Your Workplace

    There’s nothing worse than arriving to a busy day at work only to find that the front window has been smashed in. Not only does it look awful and make a mess, but it also creates some serious security and safety concerns for yourself, your staff and your customers. The unfortunate truth about vandalism is that it’s an everyday occurrence. You only need to look at the graffiti on fences, buildings and public transport around Melbourne to see that it’s a problem. When channelled properly, artistic talents can lead to the sort of street art that’s admired in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane but unfortunately, most vandalism has nothing to do with art and leaves businesses and homeowners with some big bills to pay. If your home or workplace has fallen victim of vandalism once, or even multiple times, you’re probably wondering how to make it stop. While there’s no single solution to the scourge of vandalism, there are a range of strategies that you can employ to deter vandals and protect your home or shop.

    Act Fast on Vandalism

    It’s not easy to pinpoint the goals of a vandal, but a lot of the time the purpose of vandalism is to get noticed. Whether it’s a broken window or the scrawl of graffiti, a vandal can’t take as much pride in their work if no one knows it was there. As well as this, research shows that the presence of graffiti in an area often encourages further graffiti and vandalism. This is why it’s essential to act fast when your home or business falls victim to vandalism. There are a range of services available that stamp out vandalism fast, from graffiti removal to broken window replacement .

    Consider Cameras

    While the fear of being caught red-handed won’t always stop a vandal in their tracks, visible security systems can certainly deter criminal activity. If you have visible external security cameras around your business it might make a vandal think twice before damaging your property. Security cameras are even an option at home, especially if you’ve fallen victim to vandals before, they don’t even need to be operational!

    Shine a Light on Vandals

    Similar to installing security cameras, the right lighting can also be effective in preventing vandalism. Creating a well-lit environment can make vandals hesitate before trespassing and if you’re worried about energy bills, motion sensors are a great way to let them know they’re being watched. The more visible your property is, the less likely it is to be vandalised

    Inform the Authorities

    Vandalism might seem like a petty crime, but you should still alert the authorities, especially after repeat offences. If you see vandalism in progress you can call 000 or to report vandalism contact your local police station or Crime Stoppers . You can even request an additional police presence in your area if you’ve been a repeat victim of vandalism. The presence of police is sure to deter vandals.

    Protect Your Property

    Don’t make it easy for vandals to damage your home or workplace. Make sure gates are locked and doors are closed at night. A sign that indicates private property could act as a deterrent too. Other steps like parking your car in a secure garage or installing toughened glass windows at your business can send a message to vandals too.

    If you want to stop vandalism in its tracks in Melbourne then take the necessary steps. Get your broken glass repaired quickly and toughened glass installed by the team at Advance Glass. Contact Advance Glass to start protecting your home, your business and your neighbourhood today.

  • Broken Glass and Insurance – What You Need to Know

    The problem with accidents is that they often lead to difficulties long after the event. There’s no use crying over spilt milk because you can clean it up and buy some more, but a dropped phone or a crashed car might mean inconvenience for weeks to come. You need to pay for repairs and also consider how you’re going to manage in the meantime.

    One of the most shattering accidents would have to be a shattered window. Not only do you lose the great visual benefits in your home or business but a broken window also creates a range of security and safety problems. Luckily for you, broken glass, can be covered by insurance. With good insurance coverage and a committed glazier , you can get your glass replaced in no time, granting you peace of mind and allowing you get back to work. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about broken glass and insurance.

    Choosing the Right Insurance Policy

    To take the financial pain out of replacing broken glass, your first concern should be to sort out a good insurance policy. If you’re looking to protect your windows at home, your home insurance policy should be the way to go. Make sure you explore your home insurance policy to find out when your broken windows are and aren’t covered. Usually any unforeseeable occurrence, like storm damage or random human accidents, will be covered by your insurer.

    If your shopfront glass is broken, a business insurer will be the place to go. Business insurance can cover repairs for both internal and external glass, so make sure that your policy suits the specific requirements of your enterprise.

    Get the Best Team for Your Repairs

    Securing your insurance policy is fine but when it comes to the actual repairs, you’re going to need a glazier on your side. Insurance companies can recommend a glazier for your job but they won’t always be the best option available, many deals are struck behind closed doors and you may not be privy to that information. Make sure you do your homework and find a glass repair professional near you who is licensed to take care of your insurance repairs.

    The Advance Glass Difference

    If glass windows have been broken at your home or place of business in Melbourne, consult the team at Advance Glass for any insurance repairs. Advance Glass are certified to work with any insurance provider and can make the glass repair process simple and hassle-free for you. With their rapid response promise, the glaziers at Advance Glass can be at your location within 45 minutes, providing you with an estimate and a range of replacement options. But that’s not all; here are some other benefits of working with Advance Glass:

    • Advance Glass provide quality windows for residential and commercial locations.
    • They will liaise directly with your insurer on your behalf to make the claim.
    • If you mention their website to your insurance provider, Advance Glass will cover the first $250 of your insurance excess!

    Make glass insurance easier with great cover and a quality glazier. Contact Advance Glass in Melbourne for fast and efficient broken glass repairs.

  • 8 Modern Uses of Tinted and Frosted Glass

    One of the best things about glass is its clarity. When glass surfaces are clean they let the sun shine in, provide a perfect view of the outside world and can be used to create a great display. Clear glass is great for interior design and can provide a sleek, clean finish to any architectural project. With this in mind why would you bother tinting or frosting your glass?

    Well, this may come as a surprise, but both tinted and frosted glass offer a range of benefits to home and business owners alike. Some great obscured glass and a bit of creativity can create a work of art, awesome architecture or a daring design centrepiece. To provide some inspiration into how tinted and obscure glass can be used, here are 8 creative uses that you may not have considered.

    1. Add a Professional Touch
      If you want to create a stylish and modern workspace, mostly glass offices may be the way to go. Offices with glass walls and doors exude the sense of openness and promote communication between employees. Perfect the professional look with a black tint for your office or even at home. This will help to bring shape to your space without sacrificing an open design.

      Professional black tinted glass

    2. Promote Privacy
      Frosted glass can augment a contemporary bathroom design without worrying about having someone walk in on you. A frosted glass wall or door for your shower creates a cool interior that perfectly matches bathroom tiles and chrome taps alike.

      Stunning aqua tinted glass

    3. Make an Opening Statement
      Glass looks great on doors, but you obviously don’t want people peering inside your home! For a sleek solution that also makes a bold statement, try frosted glass on your doors. A frosted glass door will impress your neighbours before they even see your hallway. If you want to get creative, custom glass patterns can have a great effect on frosted glass.
    4. Wow with Windows
      If you want to wow people with your windows then consider installing architecturally designed frames in your home or office. The right design can elegantly extend from your floor to your ceiling, creating a great look both inside and out. To block out heat and your nosy neighbours, perfect your floor-to-ceiling windows with a tint. Tinted architectural windows will help you to keep cool as well as keep you looking cool.
    5. Build Your Brand
      Glass windows and doors are the first thing that your customers will see when they walk into your offices. Make your building your best advertisement with the help of frosted glass. Just as it can be used to create great patterns, frosted glass can forge logos too, building brand recognition before your client even walks through the door.
    6. Protecting Your Furniture
      Believe it or not, tinted windows don’t just look great, they have a range of practical uses too. When UV rays enter your home they slowly but surely damage fabrics, woods, carpets and furnishings. To keep your furniture looking modern and new stop it from fading by getting a tint on your living room windows and anywhere else that’s exposed to the sun.
    7. Up and Up
      Are you renovating your home or office and looking for ways to modernise the space? How about frosted glass stairs ? This eye-catching feature really helps light travel throughout any corridor over multiple levels. It will brighten any space and it looks really sleek too.
    8. What Else Can Be Frosted?
      Another great way to modernise a space is by frosting up the doors around your property. For instance, consider using frosted glass instead of mirrors or plain wood on your sliding wardrobe doors.

    There are many more stunning ways to use tinted and frosted glass in your home or at the office.

    If you’re thinking of having tinted or frosted glass installed in your home or workplace in or around Melbourne then contact the team at Advance Glass . With a range of tinting and glass cutting options available, the Advance Glass team are sure to have a stylish and practical solution for you.

  • Glass Cleaners – Natural vs Chemical

    Have you ever heard that a bottle of cola is better than most commercial cleaning chemicals? Well the truth is, coke can be useful as a cleaning agent, but there are far more effective (and less sticky) solutions to your domestic hygiene concerns. That said, the cola myth gives rise to an interesting question – are there other alternatives out there that can do the job of chemical cleaners?

    When it’s time to clean your glass should you run out to the shops for the chemical solution or can you create a natural cleaner from the products in your pantry? We take a look at what’s out there in this article.

    Natural or Chemical – Things to Considers

    Before we put some common cleaning solutions to the test, let’s weigh up the pros and cons of natural and chemical cleaning.

    The benefits of chemical cleaners for your glass are pretty obvious. The products that you can pick up from your supermarket shelves are purpose-made and promise to aid you in achieving that allusive, streak-free finish. On the other hand your chemical cleaners are often packed with nasty ingredients that can irritate the skin and the eyes if you’re not careful – not to mention the harmful impact they have on our environment.

    Natural cleaners are usually the result of matching everyday items with a bit of ingenuity. This tends to make them cheaper and less dangerous for you, your family and the environment, but are they more effective? Let’s find out!

    Wash with White Vinegar

    Vinegar will work like a charm if you’re trying to get toothpaste off your mirror, but it doesn’t stand up against the alternatives when it comes to heavy-duty glass cleaning. You can expect streaky surfaces if you’re cleaning with vinegar. At its best, Vinegar is a temporary solution for those times you can’t run to the shops – unless you mix it with other cleaning agents that is. Mind you, most people don’t enjoy the strong smell that lingers after a vinegar clean.

    Lemon Fresh Windows

    Many detergents on the supermarket shelves smell like lemons and there’s a good reason behind this. Most citrus fruits make more than just a great salad dressing, the citric acid they contain serves as a powerful potential cleaner as well. The natural properties of lemon helps it to dissolve, disinfect and bring a shine to many surfaces. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with a litre of water and a quarter cup of white vinegar and you’ve got a natural cleaner on your hands! The natural benefits of lemon will help this solution cut through dirt and grime more effectively than vinegar alone. Try it out for yourself.

    Water and Newspaper

    Got any old newspapers lying around on the coffee table or in the garage? Who would have thought that this could be used for creating shiny, streak-free windows and mirrors? Well, my grandmother did. Spray a little water on your glass or mirror and wipe it down with your scrunched up newspapers for a streak-free finish.

    Know of any other natural remedies to clean your windows, or do you think store bought is best? Let us know in the comments below!

    To take care of the cracks and dints in your windows that won’t wipe off, contact the team at Advance Glass for glass repairs and replacements in and around Melbourne.

  • Safety First! – Everything You Need to Know about Safety Glass

    Glass is glass right? Well, that’s not exactly true. After all, the glasses for your eyes and the glasses for your wine have a very different effect on your vision. It may be an obvious example, but it goes to show that different glass has different uses.

    When it comes to the windows and doors around your home and business, the same rules apply. Obscured glass is great for your shower screen but you probably wouldn’t use it in your shopfront. Likewise, you won’t need toughened glass next time you have a shower unless you really don’t want people to hear you singing in there. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about safety glass and a few tips on the proper glass to choose for your windows.

    Stay Safe with Great Glass

    You wouldn’t ask a maths teacher to tutor you in essay writing and you shouldn’t get regular glass to do the job of safety glass either. Safety glass is made with extra layers and extra strength to withstand increased pressure and force. The right safety glass will stand up against theft, sun damage and even the stray cricket ball in ways that normal glass simply couldn’t. A reputable glazier will often offer these two common types of safety glass:

    • Laminated – With extra polyvinyl layers this glass has great security benefits and can also reduce fading from UV rays. Laminated glass also provides soundproofing.
    • Toughened Glass – With the strength of a windscreen behind it, toughened glass is heavy-duty stuff. At 4 times the strength of normal glass, expect serious security benefits.

    Security glass is perfect for the parts of your home that might be more exposed to the sun or to outside perils, like cricket balls from the neighbours. Safety glass is also a great option for your shopfront to deter criminals and increase security. But how about all those other types of glass? What do we use them for? Well I’m glad you asked!

    7 Glasses, 7 Quick Uses

    1. Sleek Splashback – Splashback glass can help perfect that shiny, modern look in your kitchen and it’s easy to clean too!
    2. Crystal Clear – Clear glass is great for most windows around your home letting the light (and the views) in.
    3. Go for a Tint – Tinted glass keeps the heat out in summer and reduces glare, consider this option for windows that receive full sun. Dark tints also look great on shopfronts.
    4. Fabulous Float – Why not try float glass around your home where it can survive clumsy people or pets who bump into it!
    5. Into Obscurity – Good for everything from bathrooms to operating theatres, obscured glass lets light in but keeps peering eyes out!
    6. From Scratch – Scratch-resistant windows are another strong option for shopfronts and high-risk areas of the home.
    7. Delightful Decoration – Decorative glass is timelessly stylish and made to display. The right design can add a lovely centrepiece to your home or place of business.

    If you need safety glass installed around Melbourne, talk to the team at Advance Glass. If you have other glass repairs and replacements that you need doing, consult your glazier to discuss what option is right for you.

  • 8 Tips for a Stunning Shopfront Display

    What’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your business? You might be thinking radio or even dropping brochures in letterboxes, but people can tune out or tear up your message. Why not give them a message they can’t ignore – making a statement that turns heads, literally.

    When it comes to getting attention, the windows in your shop are one of the greatest weapons at your disposal. They give you the opportunity to promote your brand, entice potential customers and they’re bigger and brighter than any brochure you could fit in a letterbox! Don’t just throw a frock on a mannequin and walk away. With some crystal clear windows and a touch of creativity, you’re on your way to a stunning shopfront display that no one will be able to ignore. Here are 5 great tips to get you started.

    1. Give them the Goods
      This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s a great place to start. If you’re a retailer of anything from cupcakes to clothing, put your goods in the window for the world to see.
    2. Try Before You Buy
      How about giving your audience a chance to really know what you’re all about by letting them try your products. Take a look at this example to give you an idea of how sampling can be incorporated seamlessly in a shopfront.
    3. Call to Action!
      Get a professional glazier to create and install a beautiful window with customised messaging about one of your products or services that will evoke action in passer-by’s. It’s easy to see how this example won salon of the year with their action-oriented messaging in their shopfront. A great touch is to have them entirely customised by getting a crafty specialist in to hand-paint it.

      Shopfront window display with paint

    4. Tell a Story
      Whether its tales told over the dinner table, in the pages of our favourite books or those captured in photography; stories inspire us. Showcase your inspiration to potential clients. Fill large windows with abstract, aspirational tales , or more direct messages that draw people to your windows and through your doors.

      Funny vintage shopping sign

    5. The Real Deal
      Instead of cardboard cutouts, how about living, breathing models in your shopfront? This can be a seasonal event on a late night shopping evening when introducing new products and it even works like magic when it comes to social media shares!
    6. Crack Them Up
      Laughter is the best medicine and it’s also one of your most powerful tools for drawing people into your store. Adding a punch line to your shopfront might be the push people need to have a look inside. Speaking of cracks, nothing will ruin your display faster than a broken window, so call a glazier when you need commercial glass repair.
    7. Putting Everything in Frame
      Sometimes simplicity is the best way to convey ideas to your customers. Try a shopfront with stark, prominent frames that draw the eye to what’s happening inside. The right frame can proffer great shape and character to your building, helping you to stand out from the crowd. Great glass can be cut to fit your frame too, so you won’t have to worry about how it will affect your glass.
      Prominent window display frames
    8. Enliven the Senses!
      Your shopfront glass is literally an insight into your business and to your world. A great way to take advantage of this is to use a shopfront display to grab the attention of passer-by’s with lighting projections on your shopfront window or entire building! You can even consider capturing attention with well-matched music or branded audio.

    So there you have it, 8 stunning ways to jazz up your shopfront. How do you draw the eye with your shopfront? Let us know in the comments below!

    If you want a professional finish for your shopfront anywhere in Melbourne, contact the team at Advance Glass. As expert commercial glaziers , Advance Glass can take care of all your glass installation and repair needs.