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    Protect Your Shopfront – How to Deter Vandals from Damaging Your Workplace

    There’s nothing worse than arriving to a busy day at work only to find that the front window has been smashed in. Not only does it look awful and make a mess, but it also creates some serious security and safety concerns for yourself, your staff and your customers. The unfortunate truth about vandalism is […]

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    Broken Glass and Insurance – What You Need to Know

    The problem with accidents is that they often lead to difficulties long after the event. There’s no use crying over spilt milk because you can clean it up and buy some more, but a dropped phone or a crashed car might mean inconvenience for weeks to come. You need to pay for repairs and also […]

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    8 Modern Uses of Tinted and Frosted Glass

    One of the best things about glass is its clarity. When glass surfaces are clean they let the sun shine in, provide a perfect view of the outside world and can be used to create a great display. Clear glass is great for interior design and can provide a sleek, clean finish to any architectural […]

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    Glass Cleaners – Natural vs Chemical

    Have you ever heard that a bottle of cola is better than most commercial cleaning chemicals? Well the truth is, coke can be useful as a cleaning agent, but there are far more effective (and less sticky) solutions to your domestic hygiene concerns. That said, the cola myth gives rise to an interesting question – […]

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    Safety First! – Everything You Need to Know about Safety Glass

    Glass is glass right? Well, that’s not exactly true. After all, the glasses for your eyes and the glasses for your wine have a very different effect on your vision. It may be an obvious example, but it goes to show that different glass has different uses. When it comes to the windows and doors […]

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    8 Tips for a Stunning Shopfront Display

    What’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your business? You might be thinking radio or even dropping brochures in letterboxes, but people can tune out or tear up your message. Why not give them a message they can’t ignore – making a statement that turns heads, literally. When it comes to getting […]