8 Modern Uses of Tinted and Frosted Glass

Thumbnail image of Tinted glass window

One of the best things about glass is its clarity. When glass surfaces are clean they let the sun shine in, provide a perfect view of the outside world and can be used to create a great display. Clear glass is great for interior design and can provide a sleek, clean finish to any architectural project. With this in mind why would you bother tinting or frosting your glass?

Well, this may come as a surprise, but both tinted and frosted glass offer a range of benefits to home and business owners alike. Some great obscured glass and a bit of creativity can create a work of art, awesome architecture or a daring design centrepiece. To provide some inspiration into how tinted and obscure glass can be used, here are 8 creative uses that you may not have considered.

Add a Professional Touch

Interior of office cabin installed with black tinted glass
If you want to create a stylish and modern workspace, mostly glass offices may be the way to go. Offices with glass walls and doors exude the sense of openness and promote communication between employees. Perfect the professional look with a black tint for your office or even at home. This will help to bring shape to your space without sacrificing an open design.

Promote Privacy 

Compact bathroom interior with aqua frosted glass
Frosted glass can augment a contemporary bathroom design without worrying about having someone walk in on you. A frosted glass wall or door for your shower creates a cool interior that perfectly matches bathroom tiles and chrome taps alike.

Make an Opening Statement

Glass looks great on doors, but you obviously don’t want people peering inside your home! For a sleek solution that also makes a bold statement, try frosted glass on your doors. A frosted glass door will impress your neighbours before they even see your hallway. If you want to get creative, custom glass patterns can have a great effect on frosted glass.

Wow with Windows

If you want to wow people with your windows then consider installing architecturally designed frames in your home or office. The right design can elegantly extend from your floor to your ceiling, creating a great look both inside and out. To block out heat and your nosy neighbours, perfect your floor-to-ceiling windows with a tint. Tinted architectural windows will help you to keep cool as well as keep you looking cool.

Build Your Brand

Glass windows and doors are the first thing that your customers will see when they walk into your offices. Make your building your best advertisement with the help of frosted glass. Just as it can be used to create great patterns, frosted glass can forge logos too, building brand recognition before your client even walks through the door.

Protecting Your Furniture

Believe it or not, tinted windows don’t just look great, they have a range of practical uses too. When UV rays enter your home they slowly but surely damage fabrics, woods, carpets and furnishings. To keep your furniture looking modern and new stop it from fading by getting a tint on your living room windows and anywhere else that’s exposed to the sun.

Up and Up

Are you renovating your home or office and looking for ways to modernise the space? How about frosted glass stairs ? This eye-catching feature really helps light travel throughout any corridor over multiple levels. It will brighten any space and it looks really sleek too.

What Else Can Be Frosted?

Another great way to modernise a space is by frosting up the doors around your property. For instance, consider using frosted glass instead of mirrors or plain wood on your sliding wardrobe doors.

There are many more stunning ways to use tinted and frosted glass in your home or at the office.

If you’re thinking of having tinted or frosted glass installed in your home or workplace in or around Melbourne then contact the team at Advance Glass . With a range of tinting and glass cutting options available, the Advance Glass team are sure to have a stylish and practical solution for you.